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tv   New Day  CNN  July 14, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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compliance depending on an implementation date. and the ability is there for the sanctions to snap back on if iran doesn't comply. and there is a commission set up to make sure that happens in a swift and timely fashion. it is worth expanding just a little bit on this notion of 24/7 access the idea that inspectors can go to whichever sites they so desire in iran. the international atomic energy agency that is the world's nuclear watchdog learned its protocols, if you will in iraq in the '90s when it was doing weapons inspection there is. they learned it wasn't good enough to listen to what the country said to just verify what they were told. they needed additional powers to be able to say, we want to go to that town we want to go to that site we want to go to that building we want to go to that
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room. that is what iran has signed up for here known as the additional protocols. and if the i.a.e.a. say we want to the go to that building and the iranians say no it goes to managed access. the investigators have the power in this agreement to demand to go somewhere and reach an agreement with the iranians in a timely fashion. there is a 15-day mechanism here built into this agreement, if they don't agree to access for a site, this is escalated. this is the strength of what president obama and secretary kerry have been talking about in the 24/7 access. >> man, the devil is really in the details. thanks for spelling that out for us. so this iran nuclear deal is being called the biggest diplomatic achievement for the obama presidency. but congress may not agree. >> reporter: we heard the
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president just speak. he wanted to confidently stand before the world and say that this will stop the spread of nuclear weapons in that region. it will cut off every pathway for iran to obtain a nuclear weapon. he wanted to hit those points that iran will lose two-thirds of its centrifuges, 98% of its stockpile. currently iran has enough material to make ten weapons. under the new deal they'll have only enough for a fraction of one weapon and that will stay in place for 15 years. of course a big concern the world has about this deal is won't iran try to do something in secret? won't they continue to enrich at some secret site that nobody has ever known about or will ever know about? and what about access to military sites? that was a big deal. iran was saying that will never happen under a deal. now no one is mentioning it.
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could that be a concession to iran? although the president said inspectors will have access to any site they deem suspicious. and the president said on its stance toward iran to distrust but verify. listen. >> inspectors will have 24/7 access to iran's key nuclear facilities. iran will have access to iran's entire nuclear supply chain, its uranium mines and mills, its conversion facility and its ken tri fuj manufacturing and storage facilities. this ensures iran will not be able to divert materials from known fa zillionths to covert ones. some of these transparency measures will be in place for 25 years.
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a big factor of this is going to be whether it gets approved by the iranian parliament and by congress. in a live address to the nation we showed you here in cnn, the president told his people that their prayers have come through. >> reporter: exactly the same sentiment. what you have there, chris, is you have a large part of the population that wants better relations with the u.s. of course with the international community as a whole as well. but there were also a lot of hard lines in iran who felt that iran shouldn't give an inch to the international community. it's not just iran's parliament that's going to have to sign off
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on this. the supreme leader himself as the country's highest civil authority is also going to have to be in favor of this deal. the president will have a meeting with the supreme leader later today to talk about the matter. first of all rohani waited for the president to finish his speech before starting his own. and he was talking about concessions that have to be made. he was saying in all negotiations both sides would have to give a little bit of ground. but he felt in the end iran was recognized as a nuclear power. another thing that rarely happens is that beforehand president obama's speech was on iranian state tv. and i can tell you a lot of people were watching very closely. >> that is remarkable that they carried it in tehran live as he was speaking.
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that does seem unprecedented. israel condemning this deal prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a historic mistake for the world. what's the reaction there? >> reporter: there may be optimism in vienna, tehran and washington, d.c. but there is outrage here in jerusalem. he says that promises have been broken saying that the promise of lifting any time any place inspections, israelis objecting to the mechanism, the inspection mechanism in vienna. and he also had ominous predictions for world peace. prior to this agreement being formally announced, we heard from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in jerusalem
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earlier this morning say the following, quote, when you're ready to make a deal no matter what the cost this is the result. from the first reporteds that are arriving it is already possible to conclude this agreement is a historic mistake for the world. we also heard from the minister of defense saying that the agreement signed today between the world powers and iran is built on lies and deceit. iran who arrived at the negotiating table in a weak position has emerged victorious. it is wordth noting these statements same out prior to the formal agreement being announced. we expect a security council meeting here in jerusalem to trak take place later today. we'll get more detailed reaction the hope is in the
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coming hours. >> let's bring in larry wilkerson. he was chief of staff to former secretary of state colin powell. what is your initial reaction? >> i'm rather stunned that we got what we got. i got the agreement about 5:00 a.m. this morning. i was unable to go over it chapter and verse. i've listened to the statements and followed it all along. i'm rather stunned that we got what we got. what i've offered to the cricks in congress and elsewhere is show me your alternative. they don't have any alternatives. this is the best we can work with this problem at the present time. >> let me read you from the president's speech what was agreed to. the first is inspectors will have 24/7 access to iran's key
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nuclear facilities. that doesn't mean unfettered access does it? >> no it doesn't. under nonproliferation treaty -- and this goes even further than that in fact much further than that if i'm reading the text right. these things are the privileges of a country that is a member of the npt. i was really stunned too that we got this side agreement with director a-- those things that it might have done in the past that had nuclear weapon potential. this is something i didn't think we would get. i thought the iranians would fall on their sword over that. i'm encouraged by that. >> the main pushback is that this deal even taken at its
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best is not an if but a when. and the alternative that's being offered is tighten those sanction screws it's the only thing that was working. we finally had them on their niece knees as we just heard from one of the government ministers of israel. >> you back out of this year and you lose russia and china immediately and the sanctions no longer bind cripple or do anything because they will be unilateral. the other aspect of this that no one's talking about that of course netanyahu and others are scared to death with is that this may begin the end of the beginning if you will or tend of the end, however you want to look at it. we may have an entirely different situation in the middle east. the disaster decisions made
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produced isil. this is way to begin to stop that. without iran you get no stability in afghanistan, no stability in iraq no end to the war in syria, no security ultimately. this is much more important than just the nuclear agreement. >> that's not how the israelis see it as you know. in fact they agree it may be a new day in the international community, but it's a bad one. chris just interview add top israeli official who said the problem with this deal is that billions of dollars will flow into iran as will other weapons. >> i don't doubt that the israelis netanyahu and otherwise, believe that because this puts iran in a position of becoming a fairly reliable and stable partner for the united states. after all, it is the most stable country in southwest asia even today. and therefore giving israel some competition. i'd probably feel that way if i
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were netanyahu with his aspirations too. but that's not the best thing for the region the best thing for israel and certainly not for the united states. >> the baseline concern is you have a country that you've just done business with who says death to you, u.s. and death to israel and they are actively exporting money and manpower to frustrate efforts at peace around the world. you can see why that's going to draw pushback can't you? >> they're also our biggest ally in fighting isil. this needs the kind of diplomacy that i think we've seen displayed over the last year or so. i'm glad to see that didn't si has come back to the forefront and the military has been placed on the self-forhelf for a while.
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it's about time. >> critics say despite all of the details and the minutia in this contract, that iran won't stick to it. >> that's of course always a possibility. i watched north korea very closely, a far more dangerous state than iran. and we seem to be virtually ignoring it. i watched how they looked at congress's inability to fill the agreed framework provisions from our side of the agreement. and i watched how north korea cheated and ultimately produced a bomb. it can be done. i want to hear the alternatives. and the alternatives really boil down to war. and that's not in my opinion a very good idea. tom cotton recently said a war with iran would last a few days. that reminds me of the people who said in iraq we'd be met with flowers in the streets in 2003. >> thank you so much.
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appreciate the perspective as always. >> thanks for having me. the deal has another big obstacle and that is of course to clear congress. will u.s. lawmakers approve this deal.
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. the nuclear deal with iran has skeptics of course a number of them members of congress. the house and senate will ever
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60 days to weigh in on the deal. let's bring in congressman michael mccaulechanicalmechanicalccall. >> it's kind of what we expected. i think it doesn't dismantle their nuclear infrastructure, their canepability. they can continue to enrich uranium. they can continue to build intercontinueinter intercontinental ballistic missiles. they talk about verification but when you look at the verification steps, the access that the inspectors will have it says see nuclear sites. does that mean nuclear facilities or military installations? >> it sounds like it doesn't
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mean their military sites. iran felt that they didn't want their military secrets exposed to the international community. it sounds like they have not granted unfettered access to their military sites but rather to their key nuclear sites. can congress live with that? >> i know based on a lot of briefings i get that they do have in the past engaged in covert development of nuclear capabilities. that's our concern here. they've had underground facilities is. i'm sure they'll use their military facilities to do this and the inspectors will have no access. that's one of the biggest issues we have. i'm on the foreign affairs committee as well. we have a hearing later today on this issue. i was just over in the middle east with prime minister netanyahu and with the saudis and the turks. and what i'm really concerned about is a nuclear arms race
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this could spur in the middle east in response to this. they do not want to see iran go down the path to building a bomb. and that's from their perspective how they see this. >> netanyahu has called this a historically bad deal or a historic mistake today. here are some other things that we hear are in it. it will get rid of 98% of the enriched uranium stockpile that iran holds. the president said that currently they could have produced ten nuclear weapons. also the stockpile limitation will last for 15 years. sanctions relief with iran will be phased in. it won't happen immediately. and if iran violates the deal all sanctions snap back into place. do you believe that congress will pass or reject this deal as it stands? >> you know i have to tell you, we're going to look at all the details. it just came out. having said that i'm not very
5:21 am
optimistic that you will see the congress approve this. and it's not just republicans, it's a lot of democrats as well. i think a lot of democrats associate with the jewish community particularly are concerned about what this means for israel. i think you're probably going to see a very bipartisan resolution come out. and the question is do we have a two-third majority to override that. it's uncertain. >> the president has said he will veto -- if congress disapproves of this he will veto it. it sounds as though this is the deal going forward with iran. do you believe that it's possible? i mean if you take the optimistic outlook today, is sit possible that this ushers in a new day of cooperation with iran
5:22 am
as we have heard from iranian leaders this morning. >> i'm very skeptical of a country that chants death to america that's going to celebrate a holiday tomorrow to call for the destruction of israel. half a million dollars no doubt will be fed into terrorism efforts around the world. i would have preferred -- people say, well what's your plan? you know we passed sanctions in the last ten years and we should have ratcheted those up to get them to the table and negotiated a better deal. >> we know that you came onto talk about "el chapo" guzman who has escaped from a mexican prison. how dangerous is it that this who some call a terrorist, this drug kingpin, that he is out? >> he's a very dangerous man,
5:23 am
perhaps the most dangerous, the largest drug cartel in the world, exports more drugs into into the united states and makes more money as well. i was on cnn a year ago calling for the extradition of "el chapo" guzman to the united states to be put in a supermax prison. and that wouldn't happen. i called specifically what happened that did happen that he escaped one more time. he's done this before. and now the idea that there wasn't complicity and corruption going on when you've got a mile long tunnel in this facility is absurd. i talked to the mexico ambassador trying to get them to extradite him to the united states where he couldn't into do this again. and they reduced. and now look what we have one of the most dangerous drug cartel men out on the streets again. >> nice to talk to you.
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the story of the day is the nuclear deal with iran. it's also going to be a very hot topic of debate and will remain so with the 2016 presidential race getting underway. we have one of the men who would be president, rick sanatoriumtorumsantorum.
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. welcome once again to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. you're watching "new day." one of the things we do on this show is we have the men and women who want to be president of the united states in 2016 and we test what they would do if they were in the position of ultimate power. one such man is joining us this morning to weigh in on the big deal with iran and what's going on in the country over all, republican presidential candidate and former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. you don't like the deal. why? >> it empowers the ran yaniranians.
5:28 am
the iranians came to the negotiating table in a very weakened state. we've legitimized them. we've given then legitimacy in the international community, something they deeply wanted here. and they're done basically nothing in exchange for this that. they come out a much stronger and more virulent state with fewer responsibilities. nothing in this deal curbs their terror. there's nothing in this deal that says they have to cease any terrorist activities. they set that aside and focused solely on the nuclear side of it. there's a lot of questions we've heard about to whether this deal is going to do anything to curb their intentions. >> because the deal was about the nuclear program. it's unfair to say it does nothing for their terrorism
5:29 am
actions was that wasn't at the table. where is your confidence that sanctions, more sanctions would make a difference given that they've done all this under sanctions? >> number one, they don't have a nuclear weapon right now. that's one thing that we can say that sanctions very well may have certainly limited their ability to get that. yes, they have built a lot of other things. but the reason they came to the table is because their economy was in shambles. their political situation was tenuous. they came because sanctions were having a huge impact. i would have ratcheted up those sanctions and continued to put pressure on this regime to capitulate. what we have here is not a capitulation. i don't think anyone would suggest that allowing them to continue their military sites uninspected, allowing the
5:30 am
enrichment to go on is anything but a capitulation. it's a catastrophic capitulation on the part of this president. >> the u.n. embargoes will be kept five years, eight depending on what type of military you're talking about. the idea of ratcheting up the sanctions, the conventional wisdom is the united states could not do that alone. you need the international partners specifically the tenuous ones russia and china. and they weren't willing to do that anymore. so how would you make that happen? >> well you certainly have plenty of examples of iran being a bad actor in the region. >> absolutely. >> and so you can continue to make the case to the international community that this chief sponsor of terror in the world, chief sponsor of syria, another pariah in the region chief supporter of hamas
5:31 am
and hezbollah, that they are the ones that need to be contained. what we've done with this agreement is brought iran into the world community and given them legitimacy and money. what would you do when you come into office? let's just see what the next year and a half portends with a much stronger iranian state. iran will be stronger. they'll be financially in better state and able to project that terror normore virulently. we've neutered the israelis and taken them completely out of the picture to stop the iranians from developing a weapon. >> they certainly feel that they have power here, but they also are condemning this deal. you have mentioned that if you were president you would back out of this deal.
5:32 am
that's met with a lot of resistance this idea that you could walk away from the table as the unite and not pay a huge price for that with your international partners is a little naive. >> as i said chris, we would have a year and a half of this deal being in effect. and i have absolutely no doubt that this tiger is changing its stripes because of this deal. this tiger has taken advantage of the united states gotten exactly what they want out of this deal so they can continue to do what they've been doing for the last 30 years. >> assuming that you don't have a violation, you said if i were president i would walk away. do you think that would be good for the international partnerships that are so important. >> there will be violations. the iranians have never kept a deal. never. they're not going to keep this deal. they're going to do everything they can to stall, delay, cheat. and they will continue to export
5:33 am
terrorism. there will be plenty of opportunity for the next president of the united states to make a compelling case to the world this is fraudulent. >> you would want to also assess the controls that are in place were if there is such a violation that you're predicting that the sanctions would come in and you'd have international cooperation. let's shift to domestic policy. your pope says tolerance is the message of catholicism when asked about gave marriage he says who am i to judge. that doesn't work for you. you say you want an amendment that keeps marriage between a man and a woman. >> i don't think the pope supports a change in the definition of marriage. he's been perfectly clear about that. >> he said who am i to judge. focus on love.
5:34 am
focus on toll renserancetolerance. >> we need to respect the dignity of all human life and everybody. we are all broken. we are all sinners. we all make mistakes. and we have to continue to love and support those who fall short of the mark including me. so i think the pope is simply stating something that is crystal clear in the christian faith, which is to love the sinner and condemn the sin but to stand for the truth of what the institution of marriage is. and i think the pope has been very clear about that. >> with all the things we're facing as a culture, why would you face the energy in a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman? >> what i've said and i've been very clear about that too is that the most important thing i would do as president is to try to strengthen the american family. i wrote a book and talked about
5:35 am
how the family as broken down. robert putnam wrote a book just a couple of months ago called "our kids." >> i know the book. >> it's a very important book. they talk about the break down of the american family. >> that is divorce. . it's everything. it's it's out of wedlock children. >> divorce is the big x factor. >> if you look at my record i wrote a book ten years ago called "it takes a family." i talked about this long before the debate on gay marriage started. i've talked about the break down of the family for 20 years and talked about how important reknitting this family together and reducing the out of the wedlock birthrate, strengthening the institution of marriage so children have the best opportunity to rise in society.
5:36 am
so i see the issue of gay marriage as really a continuation of the breakdown of marriage over a long period of time. >> you certainly agree with the pope that the family is very important ed important. that's why he's coming to the united states. >> look forward to seeing him. >> appreciate having you here. president obama trying to sell the iran nuclear deal to congress. what does this deal mean for his legacy? we speak to a former top advisor to the president. that's next. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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. president obama says the nuclear deal with iran will keep tehran from weaponizing. on the larger scale, this is another notch in the president's legacy which has grown measure bli in a period when he is supposed to be a lame duck. let's start with this iran nuclear deal. because we've had some experts on already this morn whog say the u.s. got the short end of the stick with this. how do you frame it? >> i don't think that's right.
5:40 am
i think from what i over seen of the deal thus far, they did several important things. 24/7 inspections. >> it does sound like that is still a sticking point. the way it reads is they will have 24/7 access to iran's key nuclear facilities. that doesn't mean all and it doesn't mean their military facilities. some say that's sort of squikshy. >> that was a key point for the president and going back to when i worked for him when we started this process in 2014. 24/7 inspections, getting rid of 98% of their enriched uranium. a lot of what meshesmbers of congress said is in the framework the president laid out this morning. it's a good day for the president, the country and the world community. this isn't just a deal between
5:41 am
the united states and iran. this is the world community. the p5+1. >> it won't surprise you that israel is not a fan of the deal. >> right. >> we had a top official on who says that by lifting sanctions on iran and the arms embargo, that suddenly tons of money and weapons will flow into what they call an exporter of terror. >> this is a longstanding agreement between the government of israel and the united states. you know, the president is a incredibly strong supporter of israel. he would never cut a deal that he thought was bad for israel. you have two paths here a diplomatic path or a military path. you have to work through the diplomatic path before you get on the mail tear path.ilitary path.
5:42 am
>> the president has had a busy month or two. >> yes, he has. >> a lot of things that seemed maybe at one time impossible have been happening lately. obviously there's been a norm ize normalizing of relations with cuba. what do you think will define the president's legacy on the heels of this iran deal? >> i think that he is going to have a tremendous legacy in the domestic policy front, from saving the economy, preventing us from going into a great depression passing the affordable care act. and the iran deal and normalizing relations with cuba are the sort of things history books are written about. it's been the culmination of a lot of work over six years. it's very important. it's been great.
5:43 am
i know from having talked to him, that he's got a lot of work he wants to get done in the last 1 18 months for sure. >> congress is not taking this deal sitting down. they don't like lots of elements of this deal. we just had congress michael mccall on who said they are going to fight it. . >> i think congress has a role to play here. i think they will look closely at it. you know you have a lot of republicans an even some democrats who disagree with this approach. ultimately i think they are not going to be in a position to override the president's veto so this deal will stand. i think the debate in congress is good but i don't think it's going to affect the final out come here. >> thanks so much for your insight. >> the iran deal matters
5:44 am
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5:48 am
the parliament in iran and also here in congress. what's the up and down on this and the real immediate future for it? let's discuss. jim sciutto and peter barnart. gentlemen, thank you very much. where should we start? >> let's start with what we've heard this morning from people who don't like this deal and think the u.s. got the short end of the stick. how do you assess it? >> you have to compare the deal to the alternative. we've known for a long time we don't have a good military option. israel knows that too. benjamin netanyahu has been prime minister for six years. there's a reason he hasn't taken military option. >> critics of the deal have said the sanctions were working. why not just ratchet up the
5:49 am
pressure with sanctions? >> the problem is there's a whole world outside the united states. even if we ratchet up sanctions, the rest of the world is not going to indefinitely keep sanctions on iran without a deal. so global pressure on iran probably goes down rather than up which means our leverage for a better deal is lower, not higher. that's why the alternatives to this deal were worse. >> screw up the sankctions. that's a real area of pushback. we have this other concern, which is that when you lift the sanctions, billions and billions will flood into legitimizing them and making them a bigger terror tool than ever. >> reporter: you have to look at the administrations on standards of success on this deal. i hear peter on this. i've covered iran for ten years.
5:50 am
i was there when the president made that phone call. when you look at theprogress in the last two years, it's pretty remarkable. the administration sets standards like inspections any time anywhere. and what we know about this deal says that's not going to happen that iran is going to in effect have a veto on when those inspections might have. if at the start of these talks you and i and all of us sat around the table and said iran would be able to keep all these nuclear facilities including the secret one that was only revealed during the intelligence work they get to keep it. they even get to keep centrifuges inside that facility. if we had said that two years ago, we would have said wait a second we're not going to go that far. and that's where you see the
5:51 am
real pushback on the deal and not just from republicans. this is more than i expected to see when these negotiations started. >> peter, what of that there were too many concessions to iran? >> america's guidelines in the beginning were unrealistic. in the real world you have to measure the world against the alternative. yes, in an ideal world iran would have capitulated more. but america did not have betdter alternatives. we didn't have the capacity to bring iran to its knees. >> why. >> the only reason that countries like india and china which buy a lot of oil from iran agreed to limit their oil purchases was as a prelude to a nuclear deal. they were not going to restrain their -- >> why not? >> there's a lot of money at stake. a lot of countries frankly don't care as much as iran's nuclear
5:52 am
program as we do. the obama administration sold the world on a period of economic sanctions as a prelude to a deal. you can't sanction a country permanently and indefinitely. the sanctions start to erode. >> i get that it was about nuclear activity. but is it fair criticism to say these guys are becoming an increasing exporter of terrorism. yes, they're helping in some way ways with the iraq fight gins isis. but they're hurting u.s. interests more than they've helping. >> yes. help on the ground because of shared interests on the ground in iraq. but at logger heads in syria just across the border. they are the number one bankroller of the sir yam regime of bashar al assad. i think that's something you have to keep in mind. peter's right that it would be hard to keep the sanctions re regime up forever.
5:53 am
the administration is making a bet against the sanctions regime lasting. and they're making a bet that this deal will develop into a stronger relationship overtime with the iranians. when you look at the region iran will be a nuclear threshold power, not a lukenuclear power, but a nuclear threshold power. what's to stop now the saudis the egyptians and turkey if not making the decision to build a bomb but going down that pathway pathway? they are much closer to the iran threat than we are. and that's a real concern from nonproliveferateorerseors nonproliferators. >> you are on baby watch right now for your third kid. jimmy and i have known each other for over 20 years. to be on tv talking about these heady things when i know you've
5:54 am
got the nervous stomach. >> i'm sure i'm going to have to pay for it when i get home. >> gloria is going to make you pay, no question about it. >> thank you so much guys. great to talk to you. breaking news on the iran nuclear deal continues now with "newsroom" with carol costello. she will pick it up right after the break. thanks for watching "new day." you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah...
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because of this deal the international community will be able to verify that the islamic republican of iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. a historic deal. the united states and other world powers reemp an agreement with iran keeping the country from developing a nuclear weapon for at least ten years. what does congress have to say? let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. i'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. it may well be the biggest and most di
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